Dungeon Experience Code of Conduct

The Dungeon Experience at EXXXOTICA is designed to show attendees a sampling of BDSM play styles and expressions. We do this through the use of pre-qualified demonstrators/educators and models, and also with EXXXOTICA attendees who would like to try activities with, and under the guidance of, one of our personnel. This should be a comfortable learning experience where people may try on items such as cuffs and collars, touch or try the equipment and/or experience the sensations from implements and activities that piques their interest.

Pictures and videos are allowed for personal use. Any professional use and/or publication must be from an approved media pass.

Any nudity, sexual acts, or even simulated sexual acts are strictly forbidden.

EXXXOTICA’s Dungeon Experience follows the event’s official Code of Conduct, which may be found here: www.exxxoticaexpo.com/code-of-conduct

In keeping with the educational atmosphere and routine BDSM practice, everything in the Dungeon Experience must be with the express consent of the participant (s.

Attendees may request to try something if they wish, but only if they wish. We require strict adherence to a consent doctrine and the laws of the local jurisdictions.

In accordance with that rule, we require all participants to fill out a Hold Harmless consent/waiver.

There is no charge to try things in the Dungeon Experience. Tips or gratuities ARE NOT ACCEPTED under any circumstances. This is not a working play space for people to engage in their own play.

The Dungeon Experience VIP All-Access pass offers additional opportunities, which is a dedicated space, for meetings and like-minded people to comfortably gather with their kink, BDSM, or fetish worn proudly, while they enjoy exclusive demonstrations and interactions with our team.

Please feel free to ask any questions or express concerns you may have to the hosts, demonstrators or Dungeon Manager who will be more than happy to answer or address them.


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