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Historically, sex has been a taboo subject. It’s been frowned upon, stigmatized, or kept discreet for almost as long as there has been in Western society. The Ancient Greeks used to partake in orgies as rituals and celebrated sex in many different ways, but a strictly monogamous and behind-closed-curtains culture has surrounded sex for far too long. There are many reasons for this phenomenon, which we don’t have time to get into here.


Our top priority is taking care of our customers and ensuring they are satisfied with our products. You can expect massive educational and entertaining content in our blogs, emails, and social media handles. We are also working on a way for our members to build community, and we’re super excited to return to sex shows with some special goodies.

Dates and locations

  • Chicago, IL
    Apr 12–14, 2024
  • Miami, FL
    Jun 28–30, 2024
  • Edison, NJ
    Oct 25–27, 2024

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