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Keeping It Tight: What To Do About Vaginal Aging

Hosted by Lana Kerr


As women age, the vulva and vagina undergo various changes due to natural aging processes and hormonal shifts. It’s important to note that these changes are a natural part of the process and can vary from woman to woman. While they may cause discomfort or impact sexual function for some individuals, treatments, and strategies are available to manage these effects. Lana Kerr discusses these changes, prevention, and effective treatments in this presentation. This is an empowering, fun, and interactive workshop.


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About the Speaker

Lana Kerr


Lana Kerr was an influencer in the health and wellness industry before it was ever a trend. With two decades of experience as a wellness coach, public speaker, business owner, and bestselling author of What You Must Know Using hCG for Weight Loss and The Secret to the Big O. Kerr has been featured in magazines including Modern Aesthetics and LA Fashion Magazine.


Kerr has studied nutrition and emotional well-being and helped thousands achieve a better life. As her passion for health expanded, she founded Lumisque Skincare in 2015 to market carboxytherapy through the CO2Lift product range — the fastest way to better skin.


Carboxytherapy uses CO2 gas to trigger the body to naturally regenerate, hydrate and re-oxygenate the skin, creating lift, elasticity, rejuvenation, and glowing skin. The technology includes a natural method of vaginal restoration that regenerates the vulva and vaginal tissue, leading to more youthful functionality while increasing sensitivity and lubrication. The skincare line is sold to professionals as well as direct to consumers through their CO2Lift website.

Dates and locations

  • Miami, FL
    Jul 14–16, 2023

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