EXXXOTICA Seminar Series

Power of Pronouns

Hosted by Madame Carmen, Karrot Topxx, Natalie Brook, and Naked Unicorn. Moderated by Pegstress the Stallion.


This three-part LGBTQ panel examines the common pitfalls and how we maneuver them on our road to success.

  • Acceptance & Respect
  • Equality and Non-Discrimination
  • Safe Spaces
  • Education and Awareness
  • Policy and Legislation
  • Representation and Visibility
  • Allyship and Support


  1. Activate your pronoun power– in today’s world, communication is paramount. To be inclusive, we must learn how to communicate with one another using one’s preferred pronouns. Listen to the panel the help be part of the change.


  1. Black Queer Sex Worker Demystified–  The BQSW community faces different triggers and obstacles, from harassment, racism, homophobia, bigotry, hyper-sexualization, and discrimination. Communicating obstacles effectively to your peers and allies will help dismantle these hindrances.


  1. LGBTQ+ & Heteronormie World of Adult – Adult entertainment is a great form of sexual expression for many. While being a source of entertainment, it’s a multi-billion industry for others. For the average gay, lesbian, nonbinary, gender non-conforming individual, maneuvering within this space can often be toxic, unhealthy, and out of alignment with their own sexual expression and values.



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EXXXOTICA Seminar Series sponsored by Bad Dragon


Dates and locations

  • Miami, FL
    Jul 14–16, 2023

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