EXXXOTICA Seminar Series

Why We Love Poly

Hosted by ShaeisLove


Shae, alongside other Polyamorous pillars in the Lifestyle collective, wants to educate and share what the community offers outside the glamorized and oversexualized view of being Poly. Truly an intimate experience, Shae shares her expertise in Polyamory. Breaking down the fundamental building blocks of the nontraditional Love-Style which requires self-awareness, consideration and care, and the capacity to interact as traditional relationships do but with additional partners. 



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EXXXOTICA Seminar Series sponsored by Bad Dragon

About The Speaker


Shae is a San Francisco-based Certified Sex Educator, Love, and Intimacy coach with an educational background in Communication. Shae is versed in Polyamorous Lovestyles and in introducing BDSM, kink, intimacy, and more to long-term relationships. Shae aids in spicing up your sex and love life by tailoring exercises to fit the specific needs of both individuals and couples.

Dates and locations

  • Miami, FL
    Jul 14–16, 2023

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