The Naked Trumpeter Live Performance

Eli Daniel aka The Naked Trumpeter (they/them) is an adult entertainer who shares their knowledge, passion and experience as a sensualist, musician, kinkstar, producer and kink implement maker. Eli uses these skills with audiences and clients with the goal of shattering the status quos of intimate and self pleasure.

Eli is a lifelong musician who began their career as a music teacher, and later enlisted into the U. S. Army. After an honorable career in military service, they combined their love of performing as a musician with their love of kink and the Naked Trumpeter with Musik n Kinks was born. Performing auto kinks such as wax, knife, fire, impact, ice, and swordplay has been a highlight of both their solo content and stage performance.

Eli centers consent, pleasure, communication, connection, sexual health and joy in all of their performances, kink practices, Reiki and sensualism. Eli identifies as a genderqueer non-binary human that uses they/them pronouns.

Currently, Eli can be found using their platforms to educate, entertain through the power of pleasure.


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EXXXOTICA Main Stage sponsored by Chaturbate

Dates and locations

  • Washington, DC
    Dec 1–3, 2023

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