Amone Bane Boylesque Performance

Amone Bane, the enigmatic maestro of boylesque, defies convention with his mesmerizing performances that blur the lines between sensuality and artistry. With each tantalizing sway of his hips and every graceful extension of his limbs, he commands the stage with an intoxicating blend of charisma and raw talent. From his meticulously crafted costumes to his provocative choreography, Amone Bane captivates audiences, transporting them into a world where boundaries dissolve and inhibitions are shed. With a magnetic presence that leaves a lasting impression, Amone Bane reigns supreme as a trailblazer in the captivating realm of boylesque.


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EXXXOTICA Main Stage sponsored by Chaturbate

Dates and locations

  • Chicago, IL
    Apr 12–14, 2024
  • Miami, FL
    Jun 28–30, 2024

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