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Hosted by Birds of Feather Matchmaking.


Birds of a Feather Matchmaking is a progressive, non-judgmental boutique firm. We understand the dismal results of the online dating world and the effort that goes into seeking relationships with a unique dynamic. It’s a challenge to find someone you’re compatible with but to find someone you’re compatible with who also wants a non-traditional relationship. Let alone the time commitment it takes to search for the future love of your life. We understand that dating can feel disheartening, and you may struggle to communicate the type of relationship you want with new dates. That desire and communication are understood and established here; we know others are looking for the same thing.


If you are interested in, open to, or seeking an open, ethically non-monogamous relationship, polyamorous relationship, or swinger lifestyle relationship, you are in the right place. We are an inclusive firm where individuals are high-quality, attractive, vetted, and fundamentally understand what it means to be truly ethical. We at Birds of a Feather Matchmaking seek out those who are beautiful inside and outside.


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The Dungeon Experience, sponsored by Bad Dragon.

Dates and locations

  • Chicago, IL
    Apr 12–14, 2024

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